Processes that are related to event management are currently outlined in general terms. You can receive standard services related to congress and event management from every travel agency.

So, why should you work with us?

Experience: We are an enterprise founded by managers with more than 25 years of experience in the sector. This knowledge and knowhow are reflected in the performance of all our employees.
Our business: Our priority business is travel agency activities. This way, we have concentrated our focus and our strength on this field. Institutions and
Agencies: So far, we have organized hundreds of meetings, seminars, symposia, visits and congresses; we have established sound relationships with hundreds of suppliers throughout Turkey. We have laid down and ensured the adoption of  our principles and service standards. This has enabled us to gain priority position in both pricing and service quality. We are pleased to share this priority with the institutions and agencies that we work with.
Key Personnel: A specialist is assigned to you for every event activity. This way, you have a single point of contact at all processes, thereby saving time and gaining speed in communication and coordination activities.
Single Point of Contact: Under the umbrella of event Management, there are tens of different services available. An event entails several needs in a number of areas including accommodation, transport, transfer, ticket, human resources, design, printing, office supplies and technical services. We offer you package solutions at a single point of contact.
Timing: Service that is not provided in a timely fashion is pointless. We continuously revise the required base and workforce need in line with your requirements.
We are on your side: The service sector has taught us not to say “No” during an event. You will feel our support at every moment of the journey on which you set out with us.
The Big Day: Sometimes, we prepare for months for a one-day-long event. That day is the day when no excuses can be accepted. Job descriptions, tasks, shifts are put aside on that day and we focus on generating solutions. The more we make things easy for you, the more successful we are.
Support: We provide support for the institutions and agencies we work with on subjects such as sponsoring, financing, training experts and project creation.
Corporate Approach: Apart from emergencies, we accept the requests and approvals in written fashion. This way, the pitfalls are minimized and we can correctly report everything back to you.
Transparency: We work with you at all processes. We offer our proposals, and you take and communicate the decisions.
Accessibility: All our employees are able to send and receive emails 7/24 and they can be accessed at their mobile phones every time. We are able to offer services in variouslanguages in international events or meetings with   foreign participation.
Attention: We demonstrate the same seriousness and attention for all events ranging from a small meeting to a congress with thousands of participants.